The Causes Behind Acne

The Causes Behind Acne

There are different conditions that may induce the development of acne and knowing about them is very important for those who suffer from pimples as well as for those who risk having them. Usually several factors are combined and cause the formation of different types of acne over the skin. In most cases, by eliminating these factors you will be able to control and prevent the development of acne, however you should be confident in the exact cause behind your acne breakouts, otherwise the treatments won’t have the desired effect and will even worsen the situation. There are four main factors contributing to the development of acne:

Overactive oil glands

There are numerous oil glands in the skin that help keep the skin moistened when needed. However, when oil gland become too active the skin become prone to bacterial infections because the oil is a good medium for their existence.

Blockage of the skin pores

The oil produced by the oil glands in the skin gets to its surface through the pores. When the pores of the skin get blocked, the oil starts to accumulate and this leads directly to the formation of pimples. Do not confuse blocked pore with bad hygiene, as washing the skin too much will cause irritation and worsen the pimples.

Bacterial activity

There are different types of bacteria in the skin that normally do not deliver any noticeable effects. However, when there’s too much of such bacteria (because of overactive oil glands for example) their activity causes inflammation and the formation of acne.


Inflammation may be cause by the other three factors mentioned above and contributed to the formation of acne. Inflammation can also be caused by excessive hygiene or poor skin hydration. In order to prevent inflammation make sure to wash your skin with mild soap and soak it dry (instead of rubbing the skin).