Experience buy and use bunk beds for children

Experience buy and use bunk beds for children

Bunk bed is a space-saving solution for a house with a small area. Also there is a bunk bed where fun, entertainment ideal for children. With these benefits in many parents rushed to buy bunk beds that some information about technical issues as well as quality. Bunk beds are not guaranteed if the following criteria will be very dangerous to your baby if used. One of the best place to choose the best cheap bunk bed is this website cheapbunkbeds.net.

Ruggedness, safety

A standard bunk bed will ensure overcome all the risk dilapidated swaying or make the bed with high stability during use.

Aesthetic and technical

The distance between the horizontal bar, also known as bed railing on the upper floor is not too broad nor too narrow to avoid baby trapped or fall. Beds must be machined smooth, smooth to avoid scratching and banging on edge. Should choose cheap bunk beds with mattress included here.

Experience buy and use bunk beds for children
Experience buy and use bunk beds for children

Stairs must be sure not to use too slippery lignin makes little prone to sliding, the gap must be large enough to easily move baby.

Ensure that from the 1st floor and 2nd floor to avoid the short distance makes baby sitting encountered. Do not choose too high bunk bed above the ground, rails to ensure safety is not too low. Wood should use natural wood, not impregnated with chemicals color will affect the baby’s skin. Choose cheap bunk bed under $200 here. You should also notice to stairs, choose your best cheap bunk beds with stair here.

Compliance with safety regulations during use

To help prevent serious injury or death from falls while using bunk beds, parents should note the following warning:

  • Never allow children under 6 years old in bed on
  • Only use the mattress from 1.93 to 1.95 m long and 0.97 wide – 1.0 m
  • Ensure thickness of mattress does not exceed 15 cm
  • Use the handrail on both sides of the upper floor
  • Prohibition of playing on or under the bed
  • Use up and down the stairs every time on the bed
  • No more hanging hooks into any part of the bed which was not designed for use with it
  • Do not arbitrarily change the structure without the consent of the manufacturer

The selection criteria for the bunk beds Baby

The selection criteria for the bunk beds Baby

Today, the trend of buying bunk beds for babies is common, but the mother was truly understand how the bunk bed with my little angel yet. We would like to introduce some criteria to select the best bed.

  1. Size reasonable

First we went to bed the size of the floor that we would choose. For the space between the two horizontal bars on top of the bed must be reasonable, not too wide so they do not get stuck or fall out. And so the ideal height of 30 to 35 cm.

The distance between the floor should have a reasonable height to avoid collision early baby sitting. The distance is 150 cm recommendations.

The selection criteria for the bunk beds Baby
The selection criteria for the bunk beds Baby
  1. Safety for Baby

The edge of the bed should be fine in the best way to avoid the accident happened to her. If you or shake the bed to check stability, ensuring no swaying bed and crooked. You should choose cheap bunk bed with mattress included here.

Also ladder also need space for the baby can move comfortably. Besides cushion to fit the bed is very important. Check carefully inlaid bed, make sure that the bed can support inlaid maximum force when the buffer on. Cheap bunk beds with stair here

We should regularly check the screws and bolts to ensure that the set screw is not loose or fall out.

The angel baby will grow very quickly, we recommend that the mother should choose a bed large area, ideally the bunk bed can be resized to a maximum cost savings for you when you big love every day.

The mother may in bunk beds for the best choice for your sweetheart.