Note when selecting ceiling speakers

Note when selecting ceiling speakers

Ceiling Speakers type of equipment is no stranger to the consumer. However, selecting speakers earth does not everyone know.

Ceiling Speakers type of equipment is no stranger to the consumer. However, selecting speakers earth does not everyone know.

There should choose ceiling speakers or not?

To decide whether or not to use ceiling speakers for your home, let us analyze the advantages and disadvantages of it

Note when selecting ceiling speakers
Note when selecting ceiling speakers


- Save the area’s biggest advantage and most recognizable of this type of equipment. With housing space shrinking the current ceiling speakers are the most suitable choice.

- Listening to the sound without seeing the emergence of speakers will create a little fun for the guests of the family or loved ones in your home.

Note when purchasing ceiling speakers


- You will easily mount ceiling speakers if your house is in the process of construction, the house was completed, the perforated ceilings, wired sound … will cost you a decent account there.

- One thing is undeniable sound quality of the speakers is not as good ceiling speakers have the same range bin. The reason is that the speakers are usually designed with 2 or 3-way, while not large diameter speaker, the speaker does not have the barrel resulting sound is somewhat not “perfect”.

Note when purchasing ceiling speakers

When you decide to buy your ceiling speakers noted the following in mind:

- The first thing when choosing a ceiling speakers is to consider carefully your house: the sound wiring is not easy to perform, the perforated wall structure affects not home? …

- The selection of speakers should be very careful and have good knowledge in order not to affect the quality and structure your walls. Ideally you should choose the speaker easy to install and thanks to the advice of experts in order to get a ceiling speaker system best, most appropriate.

- Currently on the market there are many different lines of ceiling speakers, however, you should only choose products from well-known manufacturers to guarantee the quality and after-sales later.

- Select the speaker easy to install. Installation in accordance with the requirements of the catalog in order to ensure the best sound quality.

Should note when use in ceiling speaker

Should note when use in ceiling speaker

Today, when quality of life is increasing. It was then that the aesthetic of people increased in number and quality. Sound is one of the best aesthetic that. When you need a sound speaker system for home, restaurant, spa, cafe, hotel, supermarket stores, factories … that your goal is to listen to melodious music or sound notification should select ceiling speakers. That would be the smart choice for you on price as well as the aesthetics of it (of course then you have ceiling plaster or wood ceiling).

Should note when use in ceiling speaker
Should note when use in ceiling speaker

Advantages ceiling speakers

Easy installation without the need for auxiliary materials such as screws …. Many of the speakers you just brushed steel bar that you have installed.

Aesthetics: This is, of course, many people still do not know when the speaker put in place. With ceiling speaker system, all systems are go ceiling.

Competitive price. Investment ceiling speaker system is lower than other karaoke speaker system.

Notes on installing ceiling speakers.

Wireless speaker systems often have to be wired before installing ceiling plaster or wood ceiling.

For high-quality speakers, the thickness of the plaster ceiling to ceiling betong be from 15cm – 60cm depending on the different types of speakers

In Ceiling speakers that are usually much should you use ceiling speakers with high impedance and high impedance amplifier to avoid taking hot amply continuous hours.

When the hole ceiling speakers, you should be aware of the diameter of the speaker. In each box ceiling speakers are usually available on site and you just measured in that mold.

When the hole ceiling speakers, you should also prevent bone plaster (however, if you have cut to the bone, we can also remove the bones).

Want to mount ceiling speakers high power ceiling thickness of 50 cm or more must

Applications speaker announced in some systems.

- Application speaker audio system with smart home can turn potentiometer, switch, volume control in each room, each floor and each area.

Ceiling Speakers applications for smart home

- Applications for office

- Applications in factories, cafes

The comparison between in ceiling speakers and in wall speakers

The comparison between in ceiling speakers and in wall speakers

In-wall or in-ceiling speakers obtain one obvious benefit: You can pay attention to music without the clutter associated with box speakers around a space or clashing with your type of décor.

But are in-wall or even in-ceiling speakers the best option? Sound technology today is only becoming smaller and smaller and easier, which cannot be said of embedded loudspeaker systems, even if they are from sight.

While freeing upward shelf or floor space in your house is important and more aesthetically satisfying, there are a number of factors to consider prior to installing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.

In ceiling speakers

in wall speakers
in wall speakers

Speaker Placement

As soon as your in-wall or in-ceiling speakers have been installed they can not be moved around, so that they must be situated to produce the very best quality sound throughout the room.

Simply because optimized sound placement as well as wiring to those locations could be complicated, you may want to have an expert handle the installation. Fail, and you could be dealing with a sub-par sound audio experience for a long period.

Wiring Capabilities

Outfitting your house with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers requires running cables from an audio system in one section of the room to each speaker area.

The wiring must not hinder plumbing, ventilation or cooling and heating systems. Before making any gaps, always check to make sure your loudspeaker locations will work and are not obstructed by studs, pipes or other wires. Additionally, familiarize yourself with local building as well as fire codes before you get started.

Until you are comfortable with wiring designs, this step is also best dealt with by a professional.

Sound Quality

In-wall audio speakers essentially are black package speakers for your walls, therefore the cone design produces great sound quality and projection. But with overhead in-ceiling audio speakers, you can lose this regular stereo projection.

In-ceiling audio speakers don’t have a normal dispersion from the audio signal; instead, are likely to isolate a signal in the region closest to you.

Another problem with the sound quality of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers involves the length and thickness from the wire running to it. The idea is simple: the thicker the actual wire, and the shorter the space, the better the sound. A signal could be significantly degraded by a slim wire and long operates.

A professional can overcome these types of aspects of embedded speaker set up. If you choose to do it yourself, be aware of your own wire length and width.


Indoor speakers can not be used outdoors because they could be damaged by moisture as well as humidity. Similarly, if interior speakers are going to be installed within an area that tends to be hot or humid, you must utilize speakers that can handle all those conditions.


Audio technologies is always evolving. But when you have installed in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, you won’t have the ability to simply swap them for your latest sound equipment. In case you consider yourself someone who loves to be on the cutting edge associated with audio trends, you may not wish to commit to speakers that cannot be easily replaced or improved.

In-Wall Versus In-Ceiling — What’s Better?

If a wall-mounted or embedded in-wall or even in-ceiling speaker is the best choice for you, the choice ultimately depends upon sound quality.

Many audio specialists say in-wall and wall-mounted speakers are better simply because they produce sound at ear-level, while in-ceiling speakers just project the sound down on best of your head.

However , based on the layout of the room in which the speakers will be installed, in-ceiling might be the best option.

This purchasing guide suggests that if you do how to use in-ceiling setup, to use in-wall speakers for the front audio speakers if possible. Surround sound and back speakers can be in-ceiling if required.


For anyone with area to spare, floor audio speakers and standing speakers would be the traditional option. Box audio speakers offer good sound quality, and may also be moved around along with little difficulty. However , numerous simply can’t fit package speakers in their living space without having it looking messy as well as cluttered, or compromising the actual décor. In these cases, there are many smaller sized, portable speakers that are designed to much better fit the aesthetic of the room. These can be placed upon shelves or tables, and several offer wireless connectivity to have an easier experience all-around.


Learn how to put a ceiling mounted center speaker and in ceiling speaker

Learn how to put a ceiling mounted center speaker and in ceiling speaker

In ceiling speaker is one of the best way to save your space and it also help your home become more modern. It will help your home become a modern home theater.

In the 5.1 audio system, the center speaker has a very important role, because this channel is to reconstruct the dialogue takes place in the film. Optimal location for the center speaker is placed in the middle of the screen, but this is impossible unless there is a transparent screen and no impact on the sound.

Best in ceiling speaker

Place the center speaker above or below the display can be optimized.

The optimum position that the most feasible to place the center speaker above or below the screen. Base on the orientation of the high-frequency bass, ears viewer can identify the sound coming from or where it is easy to feel the view that speaker placement for an audio or not.

If the positions above and below the screen is not enough space for the center speaker layout will still have other options. In some cases, still can use ceiling mounted speakers with multiple audio channels (left, center, right and surround sound). When using these speakers, should pay attention to the requirements set angle to the direction the sound directly to the listener and not go to the floor or randomly scattered sound in the room. The angle to put speakers in this case is very important, because it determines the viewer will feel really like the voice was heard coming from the middle of the screen.

Use ceiling mounted speakers ensure both aesthetics and sound quality.

To do this, it should be noted ceiling speakers are not placed too far in front of the viewer by then the listener will feel the sound is coming from on high. In fact, many manufacturers are testing the sound channel speakers left and right front speakers higher than normal. They believe that this high-channel sound to help people feel better to hear the audio status, bringing the sound quality or, more fully than the speaker layout with equal height usual. But the case of ceiling speakers, the sound channel speakers are not real high.

Ceiling Speakers compact design.

CEPro magazine, the aesthetic elements with the speakers ‘invisible’ increased demand for installing ceiling mounted center speaker and push manufacturers to mount ceiling speaker systems over quality. And the sound quality between the left channel speaker, center, and right speakers traditional wall dwindling, especially with the emergence of additional swivel tweeter to drive and sound direction to correct the position of the viewer. Besides, these speakers are also made more compact and does not occupy much space plane by grafting techniques. And I think with this article will help you find some ways to set up your awesome theater with some best in ceiling speaker for music.