Learn how to put a ceiling mounted center speaker and in ceiling speaker

Learn how to put a ceiling mounted center speaker and in ceiling speaker

In ceiling speaker is one of the best way to save your space and it also help your home become more modern. It will help your home become a modern home theater.

In the 5.1 audio system, the center speaker has a very important role, because this channel is to reconstruct the dialogue takes place in the film. Optimal location for the center speaker is placed in the middle of the screen, but this is impossible unless there is a transparent screen and no impact on the sound.

Best in ceiling speaker

Place the center speaker above or below the display can be optimized.

The optimum position that the most feasible to place the center speaker above or below the screen. Base on the orientation of the high-frequency bass, ears viewer can identify the sound coming from or where it is easy to feel the view that speaker placement for an audio or not.

If the positions above and below the screen is not enough space for the center speaker layout will still have other options. In some cases, still can use ceiling mounted speakers with multiple audio channels (left, center, right and surround sound). When using these speakers, should pay attention to the requirements set angle to the direction the sound directly to the listener and not go to the floor or randomly scattered sound in the room. The angle to put speakers in this case is very important, because it determines the viewer will feel really like the voice was heard coming from the middle of the screen.

Use ceiling mounted speakers ensure both aesthetics and sound quality.

To do this, it should be noted ceiling speakers are not placed too far in front of the viewer by then the listener will feel the sound is coming from on high. In fact, many manufacturers are testing the sound channel speakers left and right front speakers higher than normal. They believe that this high-channel sound to help people feel better to hear the audio status, bringing the sound quality or, more fully than the speaker layout with equal height usual. But the case of ceiling speakers, the sound channel speakers are not real high.

Ceiling Speakers compact design.

CEPro magazine, the aesthetic elements with the speakers ‘invisible’ increased demand for installing ceiling mounted center speaker and push manufacturers to mount ceiling speaker systems over quality. And the sound quality between the left channel speaker, center, and right speakers traditional wall dwindling, especially with the emergence of additional swivel tweeter to drive and sound direction to correct the position of the viewer. Besides, these speakers are also made more compact and does not occupy much space plane by grafting techniques. And I think with this article will help you find some ways to set up your awesome theater with some best in ceiling speaker for music.

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