The Rev William Shergold

The Rev William Shergold: biker priest

?Father Bill?, standing right, smoking a pipe, with his biking colleague Father Graham Hullett, centre, outside St Mary?s Paddington with their flock

In the days when clergymen were treated not merely with deference but often reverence, the sight of the Rev William Shergold in motorcycle leathers mixing with rockers and fellow bikers in a greasy spoon on the North Circular before “doing a ton” around London’s desolate orbital road was distinctly incongruous.

This was the late Fifties and early Sixties when what was perceived as teenage rebellion was a novelty regarded by the older generation with alarm and confusion. So the news that a man of the cloth should wish to mix with doubtful types in winkle-pickers and zip-up leathers, who wore their hair in threatening quiffs and hung about aimlessly in seedy caffs listening to impenetrable beat music was startling.

But “Father Bill” saw things differently and getting in touch with the young and inviting them to his church was his mission in life. He became associated with the 59 Club, which was attached to the Eton Mission (founded by the public school) at St Mary of Eton, Hackney Wick, East London, where he arrived as vicar in February 1959. The previous month, in a daring attempt to attract young people, the Rev John Oates, then a curate at the church, had founded the 59 Club with great fanfare. He persuaded Cliff Richard, then topping the charts, to open the club. Princess Margaret was among the hundreds of guests, and was observed clapping in time to the jukebox along with Cliff and the Bishop of Bath and Wells. It was a sensation.

Shergold saw an opportunity to reach out to the young and with his easy, open manner he made friends with them. In particular they were struck by his motorcycle and leathers, rounded off with a dog collar.

In 1962 Shergold plucked up the courage to visit the Ace Café on the North Circular and chat to its biker denizens. His charm won over the coffee-bar cowboys and in no time they were roaring up from as far afield as Oxfordshire and Kent to his church on Saturday nights to savour the atmosphere of the 59 Club, which at one point had 900 members and a waiting list. It also had one of the UK’s first espresso machines, a big draw at the time.

At one point it claimed to be the largest motorcycle club in the world, its members regarded themselves as second only to the Hells Angels, and the club was immortalised in Giles cartoons. It was the first place in Britain to show the 1953 Marlon Brando film The Wild One, which depicted two motorcycle gangs terrorising small-town America and which had been refused even an X-rating by the film censor for fear that it might incite riots.

Archbishop Trevor Huddleston visited the club, which had become a beacon of hope in the fractured world of young and old and an exemplar of how to bridge the generation gap.

William Frank Shergold was born in 1919 and grew up in Enfield, North London. He studied at St Chad’s College, Durham, and the theological College of the Resurrection, Mirfield in West Yorkshire. Ordained in 1942, he began his ministry in wartime London. He was curate of All Saints with St Frideswide, Poplar, in the East End, 1942-49, and was then Vicar of All Saints, Hanworth, West London, in 1949-58. He was already using a motorcycle to visit his parishioners on modern housing estates near the newly developed London airport, now Heathrow. At the age of 40 he became Vicar of St Mary of Eton with St Augustine in Hackney Wick where he soon found himself a celebrity.

Inspired by a service for motorcyclists at the new Guildford Cathedral in 1961, supported by the Triumph and Sunbeam owners clubs, Shergold made his first tentative visit to the Ace Café, where hundreds of rockers met to talk bikes, eat greasy food and then roar off into the night. His dog collar hidden by a scarf, Shergold stepped inside. “I just drove up to them and said I want you all to come to church tomorrow, and started handing out my little leaflets,” he said. “Do you know, I had the most fantastic evening. I stayed almost until midnight.”

The following day some 50 bikers turned up for the service. As word spread so did the congregation. In 1963 Shergold was invited to officiate during Blackpool Motorcyclists week. The bikers had a whip-round and collected £100 or so with which they bought him a chalice, inscribed. By 1964 the 59 Club had 3,800 members. The media was agog.

Shergold, in jeans and leather jacket, though not a confident biker was by this time riding a powerful Norton twin. In 1964 he was appointed Vicar of St Mary’s Paddington, and his flock moved with him. The club flourished, its members making their annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Man TT. There was, however, trouble at Margate that Easter when some of the Fifty-niners were involved in a pitched battle with Mods outside the Dreamland amusement park.

“We can’t pretend they are all angels,” Shergold said. “Some of them have let the side down. It is an awful letdown. It is quite unlike the boys.”

Kent police considered setting up a mobile “flying squad” to rush to seaside towns when trouble started.

Len Paterson, the founder of the Rockers Reunion movement, remembers Shergold fondly. Although aloof, and never as comfortable with the greasers as his fellow priest Graham Hullett, he was “a father figure that many of the boys never had”.

The 59 Club had turned around the aimless life of many a young man, he said. Dance halls and bowling alleys refused them entry. Youth clubs were terrified of them. Shergold welcomed them, married them, buried them and saw them through many a court case.

In 1969 he moved to be Vicar of St Bartholomew’s, Charlton-by-Dover, Canterbury, and established — much to the amusement of his original tearaways — the 69 Club. He faded from the media spotlight until a police raid on a nightclub in 1985 in which officers arrested a club promoter, Simon Hobart. Shergold stood in as guarantor for the young man.

For a time Father Graham Hullett had taken over the running of the 59 Club in Hackney after Shergold’s departure, but by the 1990s it was a pale shadow of its former self. The spirit of the 59 Club damaged irrevocably by tensions between the authentic rocker elements and the everyday motorcycle enthusiasts.

Eventually the lease expired, funding from Hackney Council ceased, the delapidated Victorian-Gothic pile became an “off-Hoxton” art gallery and the 59 Club moved to Plaistow.

After further parish appointments Shergold retired in 1984 with permission to officiate in Chichester from 1992-99 and in Bath and Wells from 2000. In 1991 he appeared in an advertisement for Wrangler jeans, posing on a motorbike under Southend Pier.

Despite his bravado he was a shy man and modest, but driven by the need to bring the Church to young people. It was something he missed in his retirement. He did not marry.

The Rev William Shergold, priest and motorcyclist, was born on October 17, 1919. He died on May 17, 2009, aged 89

Recipes selected summer wedding shoes for bride

Recipes selected summer wedding shoes for bride

Wedding in the summer brides often feel uncomfortable all day, wear tight shoes or high heels … So, before the wedding the bride should consult selection of shoes best suited for summer weddings.

The most comfortable wedding shoes
The most comfortable wedding shoes
  1. Select the matching wedding shoes wedding venue

Many couples prefer wedding in the summer. However, summer wedding has many difficulties such as hot weather, pumpkin painting, eating delicious … So if you have defined time wedding brides should consider choosing wedding dresses, wedding shoes how to fit summer wedding.

First bride wedding party will need to determine where the organization to choose the most suitable wedding shoes. If the wedding at home, the bride should choose a pair of flats, dolls comfortably hug the foot, medium-sized foot. Do wedding at home, the bride and groom will have to move a lot so low shoes are appropriate in this case.

But if the intended bride wedding in restaurants, hotels, you could still choose a pair of high heels, graceful, elegant. By weddings in the restaurant was on the script, the bride, the groom is not moving much, all the staff were most restaurants serve.

Especially for her like the sea, choose an outdoor wedding at the beach … can choose a suitable pair of flats or sandals least is still a luxury, youthful, energetic easily moving on shore.

  1. Choosing wedding shoes suit wedding dress

Brides can not take a double flats if combined with short wedding dress. This proves that when choosing bridal shoes regardless of wedding dresses, jewelry, hair styles to create the most harmonious one body.

If the bride dresses short wedding special attention to wedding shoes, by this time the bride feet completely exposed. The bride should choose a pair of boots 3, 5 or 7 cm depending on location wedding. In particular, the bride should pay attention to the style and decoration on the shoe, as well as the need to harmonize tone shoes, colored skirt suit. Do not turn yourself into the bride chameleon with all colors of wedding dresses, wedding shoes and flower decoration …you can choose comfortable ivory wedding shoes, or comfortable white wedding shoes or flat comfortable wedding shoes.

  1. Choosing wedding shoes fit figure bride

Bridal shoes should be selected with the physique bride. The petite bride should choose the shoes are too big, the pit. The bride has rough figure, legs should be selected to the big wedding shoes, corresponding to the foot, avoid too small wedding shoes, spike heels that figure becomes more and more rough.

  1. Choosing wedding shoes fit the foot size

Sultry summer wedding, the bride feel uncomfortable to wear shoes all day pumpkin painting, tight legs. So if you choose wedding and summer brides should choose shoes fit feet or larger size for little feet are comfortable, it is best to choose the open-toed shoes.

9 tips for brides choose wedding shoes

9 tips for brides choose wedding shoes

Wedding day is not just a means of transport, but a “companion” of the bride contribute to a complete wedding day. 9 tricks will help brides choose wedding shoes like the best.

Most comfortable wedding shoes
Most comfortable wedding shoes
  1. The comfortable wedding shoe is always the first criteria when selecting any shoes yet! Remember that you will wear these shoes from morning to night, so choosing a pair of shoes bring comfort is extremely important. Nobody wants their wedding night began with legs aching!
  2. Consistent If sewing bridal wedding dress or tunic, you should bring shoes to tailor precisely measure the length of the skirt / shirt to fit shoes (Minister has no open shoes …). If you buy ready-made garments, you should bring a pair of shoes that you intend to wear on the wedding day test at the same time. And in this situation you should choose the most comfortable ivory wedding shoes here.
  3. As well as wedding colors and theme weddings, wedding shoes reflect their personal style. A modern bride wedding shoes can use bright colors stand out amidst party. For brides traditionally might use a color “modern” with a wedding dress. And one of the best comfortable wedding shoe is ballet shoe.
  4. High heels or flats? Best brides should use shoes with characteristics similar to the shoes you wear every day. If you normally use shoe 5cm high, why should change to a higher pair while you are not comfortable ?! Similarly, if you do not regularly wear heels, the wedding day is not an opportunity for you to test. If you want a little higher, but not familiar with stilettos, the bride can consider the type of shoes with heels or kitten heel shoes with a heel height of about 3-4cm – easy to know, sophisticated and refined health. Alternatively, if preferred, the shoe with satin ballet shoes will be “companion” reliable for you. As for the wedding was held on the beach, you should choose shoes / sandals fit, which option is the most perfect thongs, flip-flops to avoid being “sunk” into the sand making it difficult to move transfer.
  5. White has many shades! So, if you wear white wedding dress and want to mate with a copper color shoes should take a sample of the shirt fabric to compare when choosing shoes, avoid being “ordered” color. These shoes can be white, ivory fabric because they are made from natural fabrics, while the majority satin shoes white green light phase. You also watch this white wedding shoes here.
  6. Rates Everyone has a separate budget and specific items in the wedding. However, do not reduce the budget for the market to purchase a pair of shoes, or sold on the curb rampant that makes their feet “ill” during the day. Last budgeting for a wedding shoes suitable equivalent of 10-15% of the value of the gown. And about the price, you can choose for yourself some cheap comfortable wedding shoes, but the quality is so good here.
  7. Style wedding shoes Typically, the bride of us would choose any style as long as shoes with high heels …. However, the venue of the wedding dress and wedding décor is also very much influenced style shoes. For example, you can not wear a pair of shoes “gaudy flowers wolf” in a party with elegant style, or unable to carry shoes in vintage style wedding modern …
  8. Summer or winter? In the cold of winter, shoes ankle boot is not the right season, but also warmth of your feet. As the summer, why? Of course, you have a lot of options, except the shoes sealed.
  9. You can not dance? Do you have an idea for a lively dance to stir the air wedding? If so, please reserve a pair of shoes is not too high, or can be completely flats to be comfortable, “stirring”.

And if you want to find the comfortable designer wedding shoes, you can find them here.

Choosing baseball tees for women

Choosing baseball tees for women

Baseball tees for women is indispensable in the locker women. These baseball tees are not just created for the girls feel comfortable, comfortable to wear, but also gives the girls charm, and equally adorable personality. The following article will give you some suggestions of things to help you more easily in architecture-girl choose for themselves a kind of shirt fit.

baseball tees for women
baseball tees for women

Although the style is extremely simple outfit but could bring radiant beauty and charm to the girlfriend when you know how to choose and mix baseball tees with different outfits. Often shirt had several overseas as plain Baseball tee, Baseball tee colorful prints, baseball tees printed … with many different styles.

A beautiful shirt first want that dress should be made of beautiful fabrics and subtle seam to have, certainly. Often chosen for their girlfriends like baseball tees so little bundle of soft fabric and seam sure, rigidity makes for better shirt to wear on people.

Recommend to you some good and beautiful baseball tees

With the Baseball tee quality, selected materials and careful tailoring will certainly promote the many uses of baseball tees as easy to wear, simple. This is the outfit that any girl should have yourself one, two locker for baseball tees can be worn with any outfit from skirt dance track, torn tattered jeans, shorts feature action. With a Baseball tee girls can wear with any style from youthful style, elegant style charm, personality.

Any girl should have a Baseball tee in the closet with basic colors

When tight-fitting Baseball tee with the form, a simple Baseball tee will become extremely seductive

Besides, the smooth baseball tees baseball tees with prints, detail lovely, lovely and she is also fascinated. The baseball tees will be like a sketch in the girls locker. The shirts with vivid texture will make you younger add personality, dynamic and youthful. Depending on preference, you can choose baseball tees Horizontal, hau plaid shirt in floral motifs, animals and cartoon characters.

One of the reasons why many people love this shirt is that they are easy to coordinate map and always gives the wearer effective fashion beyond expectations. A little tip for the girls go shopping when you were sporting a black Baseball tee. Surely you will easily tentative and choose yourself a suitable outfit. With Baseball tee whether you want to buy clothes lock, blazer, skirt, pants short van easily adapt.